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Let's do away with two myths that you may have. First, hog head cheese is not a dairy product. It's not cheese. It's a cold cut, and a very delicious one, I might add.


Second, if you know anything about hog head cheese, you may be saying to yourself, "Oh My God! This guy has to be kidding!" Here in the South, you may know of it by its other name, Souse Meat. Souse meat consists of Pig Snouts and Pig Ears, formed into a cold cut. But allow me to put another myth to rest. This is the way it was exclusively made in the old days. Today, when most people make it, they use the kind of pork that you may be more inclined to eat - Boston Butts, Pork Roast or Country Style Ribs. However, if made with the real thing, hog head, it is
D E L I C I O U S !


Just don't think about what you're eating, and you will be love it. Hog head tastes like Boston Butt, with about 25 times more flavor. The only problem I have making it with hog head is, it does tend to get a little messy. But here it is, right here. You can get my recipe for hog head cheese. After all, when I wrote the article on Black Eyed Peas and Collard Greens, I promised you the recipe for hog head cheese. I always keep my promises. You probably don't know whether to thank me or punch me in the nose. Get through the initial shock of what you might be eating, and you will be thanking me.

The Best Hog Head Cheese I Ever Tasted

Several years ago, when I attended Loyola University, my best friend was a pastry chef by the name of Ray Casanova. Ray was a devout Catholic, but he also loved to party and hit the bars. Every Sunday night, we attended Mass at St. Joseph's Catholic Church on Tulane Avenue, which is the largest Church in New Orleans. After Mass, we would go to the beer joint across the Street and put away a few. This beer joint is no longer there. I don't remember the name of the place, but they had the best hog head cheese I have ever tasted.


Of course, this is typical of New Orleans. If there's something good to eat, let me assure you that New Orleans has it. This hog head cheese was not made with Boston Butts. It couldn't have been. It tasted too darn good.

When it comes to Hog Head Cheese, keep an open mind

Like I said, if you can just forget what may be in it, I think you would find hog head cheese to be very tasty and very delightful. Of course if you want to make it, you can always use regular pork. It just wouldn't taste as good. However, it would be much healthier. This is what I suggest you do. Besides, hog head is kind of hard to find. There is a grocery store in Bessemer, Alabama that has it all year round, just in case you may be bold and daring.

Hog head cheese is just one of many good foods to eat. There's nothing wrong with it. It tastes great. And isn't that what good food is all about? And if you separate the fat from the meat before you make it, it's not that unhealthy. If you've never tried it, do it and keep an open mind. You might like it. Get you some tasty crackers, like Ritz or Town House. Perhaps you may want to put a touch of hot sauce on it. And I mean a touch. Don't let it cover up the taste of this tremendous treat which I do consider a delicacy. Just use enough to enhance the flavor. The best hot sauce is BamaNation, and you may be able to find it at Publix. You may just find out what you have been missing.

Until next time, remember, every time you sit at the table,

Enjoy Your Food !

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