Amy’s Baking Company – Not Entirely to Blame

amys-baking-companyLike millions of people, I tuned in to Fox last evening to watch the long awaited return of Amys Baking Company & Bistro. Before watching the latest showing of Kitchen Nightmares, which featured the return of Samy and Amy Bouzaglo, I was a little skeptical about the attitudes of these two illustrious owners. While viewing the show very closely, my purpose was to remain objective. Now that I have seen it, I have formulated my own opinion of the owners.

Is “Hate” Campaign Against Amys Baking Company Justified?

Ever since the finale of Kitchen Nightmares last season, the country has launched a National “Hate” campaign against the owners of Amys Baking Company. But I must ask, “Who is everyone in the Country to judge Samy and Amy Bouzaglo?”

Are Samy and Amy the bad guys here? Consider the famous Chef, Gordon Ramsey. This guy may be considered one of the world’s best celebrity chefs by many people. However, Gordon Ramsey is not the only renown chef out there. What about Robert Irvine, host of TV Food Network’s Restaurant Impossible? Mr. Irvine does basically the same thing as Mr. Ramsey. He goes out and tries to save restaurants that are in distress. The difference is, Robert Irvine does it in a tactful way. I don’t think Mr. Irvine would say to an owner, “This dish looks like something that came out of a baby’s diaper.”

amys-baking-companyGordon Ramsey may be considered by many to be the best at what he does. However, I am of the opinion that he is not entirely right in the way he does it. Amy and Samy proved this point. The man uses foul language, and he talks to people like they are dogs. Samy and Amy were not going to tolerate this, and I applaud them for standing up to the Chef, and holding their positions. The best food network, which is the TV Food Network has never had Ramsey featured on any show. I have always wondered about this, until recently. Now, it all seems very clear.

One final note is worth mentioning. If this restaurant needs saving, which I doubt, I believe Robert Irvine could save it. He has a gentle, but firm way of dealing with people.

I don’t live near Scottsdale, AZ. If I did, I would have dinner at Amys Baking Company. So would all the hypocrite bloggers in the Country who have been posting obscene material about the restaurant. In fact, I think I would enjoy the food there. Some restaurants are better than others. I can’t ever remember eating at a restaurant where the food was totally bad. If this were the case, the local health department would probably order the restaurant to close down.  I find it hard to believe the food at Amy’s is as bad a people say it is. Remember, the people who are evaluating the restaurant are prejudice.

If I could speak to Samy and Amy, this is what I would say to them:

“Guys, you are sitting on a gold mine. You are getting millions of dollars in free publicity. Your restaurant is the most famous restaurant in the country. Everyone wants to eat there. MAKE THE MOST OF IT!”

And, I also want to tell Amy and Samy the same thing I tell all of the visitors to FoodMazing, which is:

Every time you sit at the table,

Enjoy Your Food


FoodMazing Has a New Look for Your Food Pleasure


That’s right. The website that wants you to ENJOY YOUR FOOD has made some changes. First, the website dedicated to the enjoyment of good food has gotten a new look. We have also added a new category, which is  going to be the place where we will post some different and useful content to make your enjoyment of food even more enjoyable.

FoodMazing Has Gotten a Facelift

First, we have changed the background and colors of our website. Every time you visit our website, we want you to get the feeling that you are in a cozy kitchen, where all of the great food that we talk about is prepared. To convey this homey atmosphere, we have added a background that resembles a red checkered table cloth. We have also changed the background of our name and logo. We want FoodMazing to appear as if it were something served to you on a wooded serving tray.

FoodMazing Has Added a New Category

In the future, we plan to post small tips and suggestions that will make your enjoyment of food even more enjoyable. Therefore, we have added a new category, For Your Information, which will be simply known as FYI. This category will have short articles on some helpful and useful tips and suggestions that will make life in the kitchen more pleasant than ever.

FoodMazing Will Add More Videos

That’s right. We have received numerous requests to add some videos to our website. This is exactly what we intend to do.

In addition to these changes, we will also be adding more interesting and useful content to FoodMazing. We are very proud of what we have here, and we have received many emails filled with compliments and suggestions on how we can make this website a better one for you.

We want to thank all of you for your visits to our website. Our mission now is to make it even better. And, of course, we will continue to say the same think we always say, which is:

Every time you sit at the table,

Enjoy Your Food!



Bread Pudding – Usually Dry, but Not This Time

I love having fun, playing golf and going places. I do these things during the week. On weekends, I like to relax. Usually, I spend Saturday afternoons with my mother. Every Saturday, she tries to come up with something unique that we can prepare. A few weeks ago, we made some of the delicious Chow Chow. This past Saturday, she got the bug for bread pudding. It was funny she mentioned this, because earlier in the week I was talking with World Class Chef, Charles Allen, and we were talking about good bread pudding.

Bread pudding has always been a dish that I have had an indifferent attitude about. In the past, whenever I had bread pudding, I only had it because of the sauce. Face it, bread pudding is bland. It has no character, no style. This is what I thought.

Charles set me straight on this. His recommendation was to never use plain bread. Always use croissants.


Here are pictured the delicious croissants that have been torn apart, and are ready to become the very best bread pudding you will put in your mouth. My mother and I also prepared a caramel sauce. This just complimented the delicious dish. Frankly, I would not have minded having this bread pudding without the sauce. It was that delicious.

I have the recipe right here on this delicious website. And if you want it, it’s yours. Just GET IT HERE. You will not be disappointed. I give you my word, as a Gentleman.

And while you enjoy this delicious bread pudding, there is something I want you to remember, and this is, the one and only thing we here at FoodMazing are all about. Every time you sit at the table,

Enjoy Your Food !




Eggs are Artistic – Use Your Imagination

eggsEggs-Not A Dull Dish

What came first, the Chicken, or the Egg? The egg, of course.

The traditional breakfast is bacon and eggs, ham and eggs, or bacon eggs and grits if you live in the deep South. And the first question is, “How do you want your eggs?” You can say, scrambled. You can also say, sunny side up. How about over easy? You can even say you want an omelet. If you have the Tupperware Omelet Maker, you are in business. Get a perfectly cooked omelet in three minutes. That’s it. There really is not much you can do with eggs. Right?

WRONG ! Continue reading

Baked Potato with Chili on Top – The Perfect Combination

Like I said in a previous article, Chili is perfect when the weather is cold outside. But if the only way you could serve chili is in a bowl with crackers, it would not be worthwhile.

There is more than one way to serve chili. Some people, including myself, love it on a hot dog. This is affectionately known as a chili dog. If you really want to use your imagination, you can serve it in a salad, or a taco salad. But my favorite way to serve chili is topped over a baked potato.

My Favorite Way to Serve Chili – Topped Over a Baked Potato


This is my favorite way to serve chili. It is also my favorite way to eat chili. Serve it on a baked potato, and you will feel like you are in paradise. This is absolutely delicious. Continue reading

It’s Still Cold Outside – Perfect Weather for Chili

No question about it, this is the right time of year for Chili. The weather is still cold outside.


Actually, I like chili all year round. But if you are going to make chili, don’t take any shortcuts. Don’t cut corners. Do it right. Never use can beans when you make chili. Always use dried beans, It makes the recipe a lot fuller, and it makes a huge difference. Kidney beans is what many people put in their chili. But have you ever tried using Pinto beans instead. Try this sometime. It is great. Continue reading

Baking – A Very Good Alternative to Milk

milkDo you buy milk very often? If you do, does it go bad on you before you use it?

This happens to many people. Having milk go sour in your refrigerator is not a very good thing. When this happens, some of your hard-earned money ends up down the drain. Even if you buy milk in the half gallon size, it still tends to go sour after a few days. You almost get to the point where you kind of hate to buy milk anymore, knowing that it will go sour on you. Continue reading

Chicken Made More Tender and Tasty

chickenI was talking with Charles Allen on the telephone yesterday. Charles is a World Class Chef, and the author of the National Best Seller, Cooking Easy 101. During our conversation, Chef Charles, naturally, asked me what I was going to cook later. When I said that I was going to cook chicken, he said, “I just have to give you a tip to make your chicken taste like it has never tasted before!” The tip he gave me, one of thousands he has, is very simple. I want to share it with you right now. Continue reading

Raisins – One of the Best Kept Secrets for Nutrition

raisinsA few evenings ago, I was hungry and wanted something to eat. I wanted something that tastes good, but was not fattening, because it was fairly late at night. I also wanted something that is healthy and nutritious. I looked in the kitchen cabinet, and discovered a box of raisins. I felt like I had been doing something right all day. Lady Luck was on my side.

Raisins – One of the Most Perfect Foods

Raisins is one of the most perfect foods you can eat. You can spread them on oatmeal, cereal and even ice cream. You can even eat them right out of the box. This is the best way to eat them. Continue reading

5 Worst Foods You Can Eat That Are a Health Risk

The 5 worst foods you can eat taste very good but they are loaded with fat and cholesterol.

What you Eat Has A Lot to Do With Your Health.

You do not necessarily have to stay away from these foods. If you want to eat certain foods that are fattening and taste good, this is OK, provided you do it in moderation. Certain foods contain much fat, and in order to maintain a healthy diet, you have to reduce the fat.

There are five foods that are just no good for you, period. These foods are just plain dangerous to your overall health. Continue reading