No question about it, this is the right time of year for Chili. The weather is still cold outside.


Actually, I like chili all year round. But if you are going to make chili, don’t take any shortcuts. Don’t cut corners. Do it right. Never use can beans when you make chili. Always use dried beans, It makes the recipe a lot fuller, and it makes a huge difference. Kidney beans is what many people put in their chili. But have you ever tried using Pinto beans instead. Try this sometime. It is great.

Many people leave the peppers out of their chili. This is something else I would not recommend. Chili would not be the same without peppers. Bell Peppers and Jalapeno Peppers are most desirable. You can also add a few Banana Peppers. They are a little milder, but they add to the great taste of chili. If you like peppers in your chili, always use fresh peppers from the produce section of your favorite super market.


Finally, the next time you make chili, try adding about a quarter cup of beer.

One thing about chili, you can’t mess it up. Whatever your taste buds require, go for it.

Get my recipe for Chili, right here.

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